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I'll find, shortlist, interview, test, and introduce developers to you (top 3-5)


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I contacted Matej and within the same day I was on the phone with an awesome developer. We built my small app in under a week and I was thrilled with the result! Stacy Moeller Community Manager at The Foundation

"If I could only find a solid developer ..."

You want to build a web application, a SaaS, a mobile app, or just streamline your business. You're afraid that software development will result in a disaster: an expensive, poorly functioning, amateurish mess!

If you're (still) looking for a developer, chances are you've exhausted your personal network, tried your luck on oDesk(upwork). Maybe you even paid $300 for a listing on a popular job board, waited 30 days as resumes rolled in (filled with developer lingo you don't understand). You either got 2 resumes or 3,000.

"Now what? How do I assess them?"

Who's good and who's good at gaming the recruiting process? Is it an Indian guy who supposedly knows every piece of technology under the sun, a dude from San Francisco who's worked at 5 VC funded startups, or a shy guy from Portugal?

Unless you can read (and write) code, talk their lingo, and design real-world tests, it comes down to the toss of a a coin. How much of your time and money are you prepared to gamble?

You know it's possible to hire great developers to build your software. You just think YOU can't do it yourself (and you're probably right). But what if you didn't have to do it yourself? What if it were possible to have an expert get you off on the right foot? What if it were possible to have an expert provide a little on-going guidance?

What if you could start building your software next Monday?

Imagine how you would feel if today was the day you pressed 'Go'

What if you just select a candidate who knew exactly how to complete projects on time and on budget? What if you could completely control the product creation process and move at your own speed? What if you could stop dithering and start moving?

You could be onboarding your early adopters - next month.

Imagine how your business could grow and succeed if you could focus on what matters most ... finding and serving your customers ... and stop worrying about software.

Stop wasting time reading resumes and crawling developer forums and focus on what matters most.

Yes, software development can result in a disaster, but you don't have to let it.

Introducing: 'Developer in a Week'

Who this is for?

DIW is not for everyone. Apply if this sounds like you:

Here's how it works after you apply

  1. I send you a short questionnaire to better understand your project and to determine if I can help you.
  2. We hop on Skype to discuss your goals, preferences, and constraints. There are no obligations. You can stop right here.
  3. If I think I can make a difference, if you want to proceed, and if I have the capacity (remember I'm limited in how many projects I can help at any given time) we discuss payment terms and I get going.
  4. I go out and find 20 candidates. I shortlist, interview and test them. Then I introduce the top three to you and recommend who to choose and why.
  5. You hire the one you like.
  6. You keep me posted on your progress (optional but I love to hear about projects I have helped).

How can I guarantee that the developer you hire will get the job done?

I can't. Recruiting carries risk and even if we do great the due diligence, there's still a (small) chance the candidate will not perform well on your project. And that's all that matters - getting your software built.

So, I can guarantee the next best thing ...

if you don't like a candidate for whatever reason within 45 days of working with them, I'll find you a better one free of charge.

How much is this?

Thanks for asking. It depends on your requirements. My fee is $3000. Unless there's a match in my database of developers I've already found, interviewed and tested. In that case it's $500. But if you think about, it's really free. Why? It's much cheaper than posting to a job board and then wasting countless hours reading resumes, replying to candidates, etc. Your investment is also tiny compared to hiring a weak developer (real and opportunity costs go through the roof).

If you’re eager to start building your software now, you should apply here. I’ll ask you a few questions and we'll have a chat before deciding if we want to proceed.

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I'm a single founder and I was seriously overwhelmed. Matej gave me confidence and coached me through the process so I have a business without having given up equity in the process. He helped me to find a good developer and set up the development system, so even I, a totally non-techy person, can run a SaaS business.

CJ Lemky, Founder of ProfitPilot.com and Revolution Retreats

Technical details

I specialize in finding developers who are experienced in:


Frequently Asked Questions

Who are you and why should I trust you?

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I'm Matej Leban. I've been building software since 1986. I've worked with a space agency, three governments, several corporations, dozens of startups and everything in between. I've helped 31 small SaaS companies get off the ground in the last 18 months alone.

I mentor (aspiring) software entrepreneurs who are (mostly) non-technical. You can learn more about me here.

Can you help me find a local developer?

No. Finding good developers is never easy so trying to find them in a small geographic location, in a tight time frame is unrealistic.

Can you help me find a developer who will work for equity/revenue share?

No. The best developers have seen hundreds of startups come and go. They probably understand the failure rate better than you do. They’ve all been stung with these types of arrangements or know others who have been. Once in a blue moon you might find an excellent developer who will but I don’t like hoping and guessing. I believe in predictable outcomes.

Can I hire you to build my software for me?

Probably not.I only take on projects that really excite me and that resonate with my life goals. Contact me and we'll see if that's the case.

Are you any good at what you do?

I’ve been told so. DIW has delivered in spades for my existing clients. Here’s a couple of examples:

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Before working with Matej I felt a bit lost. My developer was making slow progress but it felt like I had blinders on the whole time. There's was a nagging feeling that what we were creating wasn't going to be shippable. I wasn't sure whether the code was quality or my developer was giving me the run around. Matej helped me to find a rockstar developer. We had a real product roadmap and a developer who knew how to ship products and iterate quickly. The speed and transparency I have from my new team is great. I have a peace of mind and security knowing we're on the right track and the app won't completely fall apart when launched (and we can at least get to launch!). We've built MVP. We've raised money. We have paying customers who are actually using it!

David Cristello, Founder of JetPackWorkflow.com


More questions? Get in touch

P.S.: You can spend a month reading resumes and crawling forums OR you can start building software next Monday