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It's About Predictable Software Creation Process and I Will Help You Become a Software Entreprenuer

OK but ... Who the Heck Are YOU?

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I am Matej Leban. (pronouced mah-tay) I work with people who don't want to give up equity and go into risky partnerships with developers they don't know. People who are smart enough to know you don't build a house without a blueprint. (and software is more complex than building a house)

I teach Predictable Software Creation Process to people who don't want to go through all the technical details of building a software but still want to reap the benefits of the Best Business Model - Software as a Service.

I’ve been passionate about computers, complex systems and technology since I was 7 years old (3 decades ago). I was shocked when I learned that I have a knack for teaching in high school when I was helping grandmas grok internet and teaching teenagers to ace programming and math.

I've worked for a space agency, three governments, a handful of corporations, a dozen of small businesses, and advised hundred plus software entrepreneurs/bootstrappers.

I am a supportive husband, geek with a sweet tooth, passionate but weak basketball player, and a SaaS aficionado.

I have used the Predictable Software Creation Process to

In reality ...

I am a problem solver and a software mentor. I help companies create better software tools (I don't care for cool time-wasting apps) so they are more productive, fun, and profitable. I look for interesting projects. I scour all the continents for diamond-in-the-rough developers. I translate English into D3vel0per1ze and vice-versa.

I believe ...

I want to live in a world where ...

My super power is

to empower people who can barely use Facebook to become Software Entrepreneurs

The End ... Or is it?

If you're still reading this - Congratulations! I have a gift for you.

What are Your Chances of Building Software on Time and on Budget?

I devised a simple (but effective) 4 yes/no question form that will tell you what are your chances when it comes to (successful) Software Development. It will take you 4 clicks to complete. Promise.

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